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When people start thinking about legal matters, one of the first questions they ask is, “How much will my legal fees cost?” Chances are good that you want your case completed quickly and at a low cost. But you also need an attorney who can get it done right.

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Exton Law Offices are dedicated to one thing: aggressively fighting to get our clients the best possible result. Attorney Exton and his team are in court almost every day. We enjoy law because we are good at it, and we know how to do it right.

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Exton Law Offices can outperform some of the toughest attorneys in the region.

It’s what we do; we deliver optimal results with a focused sense of urgency.

What to Expect Financially

Traditional cases in Northwest Ohio begin with an in-office meeting betweeen the client and attorney.  

     During this first meeting the client outlines their objectives and goals for the case and together they create a strategy to obtain the client's goals. In a divorce, for example, the client and attorney go through a series of mandatory affidavits and paperwork required by the court to begin a new case.  

After the client leaves, the attorney will draft a complaint/answer to another's attorney's complaint which must be properly filed in the court. On average, the court charges $400.00 in "court costs" to open a divorce or custody case.  This amount varies depending on the court and type of case; but must be paid to the court to open a new case. These papers are prepared with specific facts relevant to the sitation and in accordance with the client's goals.  

Because of the fees that the court charges to file a case, and the time requirements of begining a case, you should expect to pay a retainer fee (in a divorce case this would, on average, be between $2000 to $2400) to cover the inital costs.

Whether it's a murder case, divorce, or estate issue, Exton Law Offices bill $200/ hour for their time on all cases.

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Retainer Fee

Call Exton Law Offices; we will explain what to expect in your process and will quote a specific fee you should expect to spend on your case.

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