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What to do if you are being investigated or facing arrest from criminal charges? If that unfortunate occurrence happens, the best advice is to be polite and courteous to the police officers. Do not resist.

Give only your name, address and other identifying information. Do not discuss the case with the arresting law enforcement officers and do not try to convince them of your innocence. When officers, agents or marshals arrest you, the arrest will almost always take place regardless of what you say.

Anything you say to them will be written in an official police report and forwarded to the prosecutor for possible use against you.

Remember that in many cases, law enforcement officials who arrest you may have no knowledge of your case.

They are merely arresting you pursuant to an arrest warrant or based on information given to them by others.

Assume that the arrest will take place and conduct yourself accordingly.

If you are being investigated, you may learn about it from friends, neighbors, co-workers, or by receipt of grand jury subpoena. As soon as you believe that you are being investigated, do not discuss the case with anyone other than a criminal defense attorney.

Don’t discuss the matter with neighbors, co-workers or the marshals who serve you the subpoena. Try to get copies of any subpoenas or documents and immediately bring them to your criminal defense attorney.

People whom you believe are friendly to you may be forced to be a witness against you. Therefore, anything you may have told them or tell them can be used as evidence against you.

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