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As American parents deal with the economic recession over the last few years, grandparents have stepped in to help.

According to a recent survey, grandparents were the main caregivers for more than 3 million children in 2011 - a 20% increase from 2000.

Although a divorce is technically the legal separation of two spouses and the dissolution of their marriage, in reality the families of both spouses can be impacted by a divorce.

Grandparents in particular may find that a divorce can mean the end of any ability to see their grandchildren.

While some states have, in the past, given grandparents some ability to ask the court for visitation rights, Ohio has traditionally been hesitant to grant a grandparent visitation rights, especially when one or both parents do not want a grandparent to see their child.

When the parents and grandparents agree as to the frequency/type of visitation between the child and the grandparents, courts will generally not interfere with such an agreement.

However, where grandparents want visitation rights and one parent does not want to allow visitation, Ohio courts will need to decide what, if any, visitation rights to award the grandparents.

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